2004-2008     B.A., Individual Plan of Studies/Latino Studies, University Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Work Experience

2013 - Present    Telefunding Agent, SD&A for Chicago Symphony Orchestra

2013 - 2014        Office Assistant, Writing Program Office, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2013                   Production Assistant, Elephant Pictures, IFC Stop-motion animation TV pilot

2010 - 2013         Senior Music Section Editor, Gozamos Magazine

2011 - 2013          Contributing music/arts journalist, Remezcla Magazine, (NY, LA, CHI, MIA, SF)

2012                   Assistant Videographer, Rapid Pulse: Performance Art Festival, dfbrl8r gallery

2012                   Copy-Editor, Depaul Univ. Center for Latino Research, Díalago, 15:1 

2011                    Travel guide writer, Viva Aerobus inflight magazine (MEXICO CITY)

2009 - 2011         Teaching Artist, C.A.S.A. Program, National Museum Of Mexican Art

2008 – 2009       Special Initiatives & Outreach Coordinator, Y.C.A. 

2009                   Assistant Editor, Louder Than a Bomb: Fear No Blank Page, Y.C.A.

2008                   Independent Contractor/Collage Artist, Men as Allies

2006                   Story Map Researcher, Girl’s Best Friend initiative

2004                   Teaching Assistant, Anderson Elementary School

2003                   Student Teacher, Pritzer Elementary School

Selected Publications and Reviews

2013             Reflections. “A Brief and Personal History of Dance,” Audience Architects

2012             Erotica. “A Determined Young Man,” Chicago IRL #3

2011              Review. “Dam Mantle - Not a Word,” Big Fenómeno (CHILE)

2011              Lyrics. “Homenaje a la Odisea,” Estrella Cercana (MEX)

2005-2010    Blog.

2009            Fiction. Immigrant City, Resources & Reflections, Jane Adams Hull House at UIC

2009-2010    Poetry. Garland Court Review: Harold Washington College Issue 5 & 6

2003-2008   Articles. Say What magazine, Issues  34 & 8

2004            Chapbook. “Once Apon-Neurosis*,”  Watch the Steps Press

Selected Honors, Awards and Presentations

2012        Guest Speaker, Latino Media & Communication Workshop, Depaul University

2011         Performer, “Surrender" short film Dir. Abdi Taslimi, (MEX)

2010        Panelist, Teaching Immigrant Youth Writing, A.W.P. conference (DENVER)

2009       Guest Speaker, Action Out Loud: Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health conference

2009       L@s Eloter@s reading, Little Village Youth Forum: Gang Wars + Community Violence

2009       L@s Eloter@s reading, 2nd Sun Salon: Lucky Friday Underground

2009       L@s Eloter@s reading, Flor Crisostomo fundraiser: Resistance Not Volence

2009       Feature Poet, 90.5 FM WRTE Radio Arte: Homofrecuencia, Poetry Month

2008       Guest Speaker, CAN-TV Production, “ALMA Latina” discussion

2007       Feature Poet, 104.5 FM WRFU: “The Show,” reading/discussion

2007       1st Place, Paul Borgeson Poetry Contest, U of I Spanish Dept. (URBANA-CHAMPAIGN)

2004       Full-Tuition Leadership Scholarship to U of I (U-C)

2004       1st Place, Columbia College Short Nonfiction Writing Contest

2004       Feature Poet, Young Chicago Authors, Open Mic

2004       Honorable Mentions, UIUC Poetry Contest

Activities and Special Training

2009           Midwest Youth Organizers Training, Chicago Freedom School

2009           Workshop with Ana Castillo , Northeastern Univ. Book Festival

2009           Workshop with Cherríe Moraga  at U of I, (U-C)

2009           Cofounder, Queeratura, Queer/Latino focused reading circle

2008           Cofounder, L@s Eloter@s, Latina/o creative writing collective

2006           Semester Study Abroad, El Tecnológico de Monterrey, (EDO DE MEXICO)

2004           POSSE Leadership Training

2004           Introduction to Fiction,  Columbia College

2003           The Art of Teaching Young Children, Columbia College

2003           Saturday Scholars Program, Young Chicago Authors

Volunteer Experience

2013              Development Assistant, Rapid Pulse: Int’l Performance Art Festival, dfbrl8r gallery

2005-2008    M.E.Ch.A de UIUC, (U-C)

2005             Mural Project Co-coordinator, Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

2003-2004    Louder Than A Bomb, Youth Poetry Slam, Y.C.A. 

2002-2004    Editor, Say What magazine, Y.C.A.

2003-2004    Wordplay Open Mic, Y.C.A.

2000-2002    Child Life Clinic, Children’s Memorial Hospital